Innovative process Produces lactic acid from residues of biodiesel production

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The ab & cd innovations GmbH developed a process that further converts the glycerin produced in the production of biodiesel into lactic acid. As a result, not only the wastes produced during biodiesel production are utilized, but also important resources are saved in the production of lactic acid. Biodiesel manufacturers are therefore facing a new business segment, while the market for lactic acid is characterized by steady growth.

Due to a worldwide growing production of biodiesel and fatty acids, glycerin is available. The process of ab & cd innovations has been developed especially for biodiesel plants and can be integrated into an existing process afterwards. Thus, with the patented process, it is possible to obtain lactic acid in high purity by optimally matching certain catalyst materials and reaction conditions, while simultaneously achieving a considerable yield of up to 80 percent. This minimizes the use of energy, space and resources.

Lactic acid is used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and bioplastics as well as in the chemical industry. The cost saving with this innovative process is about 75% compared to conventional fermentation processes for the production of lactic acid.

The company is working with the biodiesel industry, the chemical industry and others. The company has been awarded the prize “Start Up Resource Efficiency”, which was awarded under the 3rd State Prize for Environment and Energy Technology industrial companies in order to further process the by-products and residual materials produced in the process into high-quality chemicals.

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ab&cd innovations GmbH
Vienna, Austria

ab&cd innovations GmbH

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