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From roundwood to palletized logs – Fully automatic wooden palletizing machineFrom roundwood to palletized logs – Fully automatic wooden palletizing machine

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The innovative of w & amp; s holz: tech developed mobile firewood palletizing system allows for the first time to automate the entire processing process from roundwood to palletized logs. & nbsp; With the newly developed palletizing module, the elaborate manual conciliation can be replaced and thus the operational efficiency can be increased.

(c) WS Holztech GmbH

As in the case of an ordinary wood splitting machine, the tree trunks are first processed into 33 cm long blocks and then axially separated in the automatic cutting machine. The conventional solutions end after this step. However, with this newly developed technology, the logs are taken over by the modules for fully automatic transfer and palletizing. First, the logs arrive at a patented vibrating trough and are transported from there to the singling band. They are then aligned and prepared for the feeding unit of the pallet filling machine. By means of a transverse conveyor, each row of logs is pushed onto the retractable work platform.
For optimum compaction, the two pallet palletizing pallet itself is shaken. During this time, anti-vibration plates stabilize the row of logs on the head side. The shaking sequences can be adjusted by means of control of the respective wood type and wood texture. & nbsp;
The finished pallet is lured by strapping and leaves the filling station.A pallet holder stabilizes the pallet still open at the top during the filling process up to final production.

Assuming that an adjusted room volume contains 400 wood chips, theoretically 12 room meters per hour could be mechanically machined.

From Roundwood to Palletized Firewood - Fully Automatic Wood Palletizing Machine
w&s holz:tech GmbH

The independent palletizing module can be combined with any splitter. Only a single worker is necessary. Another advantage is the compactness of the 10 meter long and 4.5 meters wide system. A bag or carton filling system with optional palletizing is also possible.


w & s holz:tech GmbH
Feldkirchen, Austria

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