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The lightest solar cell in the world

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Researchers at the Johannes Kepler University, together with colleagues from the University of Tokyo, have succeeded in an innovation in the field of flexible organic solar cells. The researchers have developed an extremely flexible, thin and yet powerful solar cell that produces 10 watts per gram and thus provide an unrivaled power / weight ratio.

This ratio is created by the fact that the energy generating elements make up 1/3 of the cell and the underlying substrate, predominantly plastic film, occupies only 2/3 of the cell. In contrast, in conventional solar cells of this type, the substrate occupies more than 99%.

The newly developed solar cells have the advantage of being very flexible with a weight of 4 grams and a thickness of only two micrometers.

In addition, the innovative solar cell, when applied also to rubber, is expandable, resulting in a series of new applications. These areas include, for example, the & nbsp; Robotics, synthetic skin or e-textiles.

Since this system is also applicable for use in electrical circuits, there are already successor projects to this innovative research area at the University of Linz.

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Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Universität Tokyo
Linz, Austria

Johannes Kepler Universität

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