Methapur biogas plant generates fuel for the regional fuel supply

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In principle, the innovative fuel methaPUR can be produced in all existing biogas plants by purifying part of biogas production using natural gas quality by means of a membrane plant. This gas can then be used as a fuel directly, ie without gas feed, via its own or an existing filling station. The resulting residual gas is recycled to the biogas plant and is there converted to electricity. This ensures 100% efficiency and is completely free of emissions.

(c) Stefan Hiller, AGRAR PLUS

The steady increase in CO2 emissions from transport is one of the main reasons for the non-fulfillment of the Kyoto target in Austria. TBB Consulting was therefore concerned with the creation of a biogenic fuel with methaPUR, which met the following objectives:

  • maximum surface efficiency through the use of whole plants
  • no monocultures by using different biomass
  • as simple and emission-free as
  • small production units with high multiplier effect

These goals were realized in the product methaPUR. The first methaPUR biogas plant is located in Margarethen am Moos and has been successfully operating for over 3 years. The plant has an output of approx. 35 m3 & nbsp; methaPUR / hour, which corresponds to approx. 25 kg of fuel. With this amount of fuel, a car can travel about 500 km wide at 5 kg consumption / 100km. With 8,000 operating hours per year, this results in 4 million kilometers.

Two men and a car in front of a biogas plant.
(c) Stefan Hiller, AGRAR PLUS

The first methaPUR biogas plant is located in Margarethen am Moos and has been successfully operating for over 3 years.

With the “methaPUR biogas as fuel” project, TBB Consulting was nominated for the 2010 environmental and energy technology award in the environmental and climate category. The demonstration project presented here is intended to provide the basis for as many other methaPUR projects as possible in Germany and abroad.

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Projektentwicklung: TBB Consulting — Betreiber der methaPUR-Biogasanlage Margarethen am Moos: Energieversorgung Margarethen Gen mbH
Margarethen am Moos

TBB Consulting
Staatspreis Umwelt- und Energietechnologie 2010

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