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Energy3000 Powerstation – Sun energy use at night

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The Energie3000 Powerstation is a utility-integrated storage system. With it, it is possible to convert the energy generated, for example, by a photovoltaic system into alternating current, to supply it to an electrochemical storage unit and to store it for future use. Thanks to the integrated storage technology of the Energy3000 Powerstation, the generator can be used during the day, at peak demand or in the event of a power failure, which is not the case with a "classic" network-integrated system.

The energy storage of the Energy3000 Power Station consists of batteries that are equipped with the innovative and patented StratExplus charging and discharging system. This system significantly increases the battery power of conventional lead and acid batteries and thus extends their service life. The inverter integrated in the Energie 3000 Power Station can convert the solar current produced by a photovoltaic system directly into alternating current directly on site. Depending on requirements, this is directly available for household use, recharges the batteries or can be fed into the mains with full batteries. It is also possible to extend the system in addition to a power station, eg for electric vehicles. Modern operating data monitoring makes it possible for all current system data to be queried comfortably on the monitor or via the Internet at any time.

Energy3000 GmbH thus combines the know-how of battery technology, renewable energy (especially photovoltaics) and electromobility. The aim is to make renewable energies, which are not continuously available (eg: wind power, photovoltaics) economically usable also for the small consumption in the enterprise or household.

Energy3000 was founded in 2009 and serves as a “platform” for the realization and exploitation of the acquired know-how in cooperation with the development partners, public institutions and investors in the field of battery technology, renewable energy (pre-photovoltaics) and electromobility. By fulfilling the tasks and the selective takeover of functions, the Energy3000 is becoming a competence center for the planning, construction and operation of plants with innovative, decentralized and network-integrated energy storage systems. As a service company, Energy3000 GmbH offers investigations and developments for stationary and mobile energy storage.

Energy 3000 GmbH was awarded the State Prize for Innovation in 2009 for the development of the StratExPlus charging and discharging system.

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Energy 3000 GmbH
Eisenstadt, Austria

Energy 3000 GmbH

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