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– 126 – One of the world’s largest wind power plant now also in Burgenland

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In 2011 Austrian Wind Power implemented a project that showed new dimensions in domestic wind power. The wind farm in Potzneusiedl consisted of five wind turbines of type Enercon E-70/4 with a total output of 10 MW and produces around 21,000 MWh of green electricity per year. This wind farm was equipped with two wind turbines of the world's most powerful type Enercon E-126. Each of these wind turbines has an output of 7.5 MW to provide power for over 4,000 households. Worldwide, the two wind turbines were the second and third of this performance dimension.

The foundation has a diameter of 29 meters, the concrete volume measures 1400m³. The hub height is 135 meters, the gondola is 14 meters high, 22 meters long and weighs 650 tonnes together with rotor blades. Despite the enormous size of the high-performance systems, the wind power is quickly available, the groundbreaking (May 2011) and commissioning took place within a year.

One of the two high-performance systems is operated together with Enercon as a research station to drive the efficiency and performance of wind power plants.

Austrian Wind Power GmbH is Austria’s largest green electricity producer. Project development, wind farm management, operation management and monitoring are carried out by the company itself. The 138 Windenergieanlagen (wind turbines) of Austrian Wind Power, distributed over ten windparks, have a total output of 242 MW, lead to an annual green electricity production of 507 million kWh and a CO2 & nbsp; savings of 355,000 tonnes. In total, Austrian Wind Power GmbH plans to build 90 additional plants with a total output of 270 MW between 2012 and 2015, thus investing 350 million euros in wind projects.

For this project Austrian Wind Power GmbH was awarded the Austrian Solar Prize 2011 in the category for industrial, commercial or agricultural enterprises.

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Austrian Wind Power GmbH
Burgenland, Austria

Austrian Wind Power GmbH

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