Special textiles as biogas storage

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In efficient biogas plants, the fluctuations between production and consumption of biogas as well as temperature-related volume changes must be compensated by optimized storage systems. For this purpose, the Styrian textile manufacturer Sattler AG has developed special envelopes made from a special textile in which the biogas is stored in order to be able to store the renewable energy biogas and then call it at peak times.

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The SATTLER Polyplan biogas membranes are characterized by low gas passage values at optimum weight, the membranes offer the highest flexibility and good processability. These factors are crucial for low-loss, efficient gas storage. Sattler AG produces the coated fabrics in its own weaving and coating.

Special Textile as Biogas Storage.

Sattler AG produces the coated fabrics in its own weaving and coating.

The company Sattler AG specializes in storage concepts for biogas, slurry and fermentation storage. There are two possibilities for the integration of storage units around the biogas plant. The biogas membranes are attached to the fermenter and are also used as a function of the container cover. & Nbsp; External accumulators & nbsp; on the other hand, separate from the fermenter, form an independent unit of a biogas plant.

At the moment, this sustainable storage system from Sattler AG is being implemented at a sewage plant in Atotonilco (Mexico City): Seven double membrane storage tanks will form a total capacity of 60,000 m³ biogas.

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Sattler AG
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