Solwing T – 30% increase in efficiency thanks to an efficient tracking system

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The Austrian company HILBER SOLAR GmbH, which has been active in the development, production and realization of solar systems for 20 years, is producing an innovative multi-axis tracking system for PV systems in industrial serial production. In contrast to fixed installations, the SOLWING T can achieve an additional yield of up to 30%, depending on the location. The continuous tracking guarantees a longer and more even current production over the course of the day. The system is available in various individual and group solutions and has a nominal output of 4.3 - 4.8 kWpeak, depending on the type of module.

The low-maintenance system can be used after only a few hours after delivery, since it is still completely pre-assembled in the factory and no concrete foundation is necessary for installation. The anchoring can be adjusted with excavation material to the local geomechanical conditions. The Solwing T is compatible with PV modules and inverters from different manufacturers and can therefore be used flexibly.

The multi-axis, astronomical tracking system with just one drive (electromechanical lifting cylinder) can use sunlight even more efficiently throughout the day. The dimensions of the Solwing T are a maximum of 5 x 8.5 x 4 meters (w x l x h).

Depending on the inverter, this system can be operated at temperatures of -25 ° C to + 60 ° C and in the peak position with a max. Wind speed of 130 km / h (151 km / h gust speed).

The HILBER SOLAR & nbsp; GmbH with the SOLWING T set new standards in photovoltaics. Private and commercial end-users as well as operators of large-scale power plants are therefore available from a single source.

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Tirol, Austria


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