EDCS – the “smart” energy consumption management system

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The Energy Conservation & amp; Distribution System (ECDS) by Neue Energietechnik GmbH (NET) is a comprehensive management system for controlling energy consumption. The fields of application extend through its modular design from single-family dwellings to a whole energetic village community.

Depending on consumer behavior, it is possible to set priorities for electricity consumption and surplus supply. Depending on the current electricity price, the individual consumers can be switched on or off by connecting to the intelligent power supply network of the power supply so that the supply from the power grid is minimally cost-effective.

The system can be used to efficiently manage both electrical power generation from photovoltaics and thermal energy generation from solar thermal energy and combined heat and power plants. The system is also connected to a weather service, whereby it can calculate the expected photovoltaic yield values. Depending on the power calculated, electrical loads, or memories integrated in the system, are then activated or deactivated.

The communication of the ECDs with peripherals via an interface, is made possible by the large distances between devices.

In order not to leave a generated current surplus unused, different storage systems can also be integrated. From conventional lead-acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries to solid or high-performance batteries, various energy storage devices can be managed with the ECDS. The continuous connection with the current supplier and the weather service makes it possible to charge the storages at low cost. Furthermore, not only e-vehicles, but also hydrogen vehicles with associated petrol stations can be integrated into the system.

The user-friendly interface makes it possible to check the recorded performance curves, the current requirement, or the charge level of any element. Using an integrated web server, the system can be managed not only via the control panel in the control box, but also from a PC or smartphone.

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NET – Neue Energie Technik GmbH
Salzburg, Austria

Neue Energie Technik GmbH

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