Hybrid ventilation for technical operating rooms

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In order to reduce electricity consumption and largely avoid the current cooling systems and replace them with environmentally friendly systems, A1 Telekom Austria Aktiengesellschaft installed hybrid ventilation systems. The existing energy-intensive air-conditioning systems based on compressor technology and refrigerant operated with coolant and average capacity of 11 kW cooling capacity consume approximately 15,000 kWh of electricity per mobile radio transmission system during the year-round operation.

Altogether, 4 locations of mobile radio stations are currently equipped with hybrid ventilation systems for cooling the technical infrastructure. Cooling room ventilation and venting are carried out with a wind-driven fan system. In addition, an integrated computer-controlled electric motor can be used in the fan head at dead calm.

When the fan is open, the fan is driven by the natural wind energy and the waste heat is extracted from the interior of the building. No electrical energy is required to operate, approximately 60% of the total cooling time is covered per year. The motor drive serves as a safety back-up when wind speeds are not sufficient. The energy consumption in this case is approximately 315 kWh p.a. Each year and installed plant, around € 1.800, – of operating costs are saved. This is achieved by an operating hours reduction of the air-conditioning systems of about 75% per year. The amortization period of the investment in this concrete project is around 3.6 years.

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