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Start-up disarms government aircraft: 100 tons of aluminum, titanium, copper and steel for Schrott24

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Discarded passenger airplanes are a real gold mine for recycling companies and scrap metal recyclers. The Grazer start-up "Schrott24" has now secured two such patterned aircraft. Together with a Slovakian partner, the two Airbus 310, which used to be in the service of the Belgian government, are disassembled in a professional manner. Schrott24 takes over the marketing of the approximately 100 tons of aluminum, titanium, copper and steel. The order also shows that digital platforms like this are increasingly moving into classic business-to-business business areas such as the scrap metal industry.

Digital platforms increasingly penetrate classical business-to-business business segments. An example of the disruption of a very traditional industry is Schrott24, a digital platform that makes the trade of scrap metal and scrap more transparent and customer-oriented. The latest coup of the start-up from Graz is the scrapped Airbus A310 of the Belgian government, in cooperation with the Slovakian “aircraft-maker” Firefly Aircraft Salvaging. A remarkable order with a volume of over 100 tonnes of aluminum, titanium, copper and steel with a high five-digit market value.

“The scrapped of two passenger aircraft is, of course, a special highlight in the two-year history of Scrap. We always receive inquiries for large projects like industrial plants or complete bridges. The optimization of the production of scrap from large production companies is “daily business”, but airplanes are something special, “says Jan Pannenbäcker, CEO and co-founder of Schrott24. “The sellers of such large quantities of scrap as whole aircraft or bridges find us through our strong online presence and our now very good reputation. Since Schrott24 is the only online platform in the scrap metal sector, we are increasingly placing orders for large-scale projects, “says Pannenbäcker. “We match the quantities of metals offered across Europe with the current demand for plants, recyclers, scrap trucks and forwarders for the necessary logistics to always find the best offer.” private households. “Small orders” can be seen relatively: up to four tonnes of non-ferrous metal are usually sold directly on the platform. Experts can create individual offers for larger tonnages, as this can be better addressed to the specific requirements in the processing and logistics. “This means that we are not only very transparent, but also incredibly fast in handling,” says Pannenbäcker.

In general, it is a dusty industry. Not unjustly, he was characterized by the lack of transparency in price formation as well as bad customer service. This changes scrap. As scrap metal prices are linked to the stock market, the market is volatile, so the right time when selling scrap metal is important. Schrott24 provides transparent information about the market development of scrap metal such as aluminum, cables and electronic scrap. If one of the three transport options is “Package Shipment”, “Pickup” or “Self Delivery”, one of the currently around 60 Schrotthändler in Germany and Austria is selected. Schrott24 grants the best price guarantee. On the platform, both commercial and private sellers can sell scrap metal and electronic scrap.

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