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The world’s first compostable print product

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This good practice example illustrates the reduction potential of toxic substances in the print area with the help of the world's first compostable, completely pollutant-free certified Cradle to CradleTM print product.

Recycling of conventional print products fall to 40% of the total volume as a toxic slurry (e.g., paints or fillers). The ingredients of the Cradle to Cradle ™ product, developed by Gugler GmbH, are so far optimized for the recycling into biological cycles that the sludge can be used as a fertilizer or for humus build-up. Burning the product does not cause harmful environmental effects.

Cradle to Cradle (Trademark) Tree copyright by gugler GmbH depicting the cycle of the world's first compostable printed product.
by gugler GmbH

Gugler GmbH only uses electricity from renewable sources and has a comprehensive waste water concept.

In order to remove the accumulated toxins from the printed products, in a two-year development process, 19 ingredients were used together with the EPEA environmental research institute checked for environmental and health risks and, if necessary, replaced by new, environmentally sound ones. Furthermore, a new color formulation was developed together with a leading printing ink manufacturer. Printed only on FSC paper from sustainable forestry.

The production conditions have also been carefully observed. Gugler GmbH only uses electricity from renewable sources and has a comprehensive waste water concept. This climatic printing process also does not require an environmentally harmful alcohol. & Nbsp; Here too, Gugler GmbH is setting a new benchmark for the printing and advertising industry.

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