Electricity from photovoltaics directly in operation

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Electricity from photovoltaics directly in operation

Company: EVVA Sicherheitstechnologie GmbH, 10hoch4

Location: Vienna, Austria


EVVA, an Austrian family company and one of Europe's leading manufacturers of electrical and mechanical access solutions, set up a photovoltaic plant consisting of 611 high-performance modules in 2012. The plant has a nominal output of 162 kWp and supplies approx. 150,000 kWh of electricity per year. The electricity produced is 100% of its own needs coverage, the electricity is consumed directly at the site as a process stream in the production site. In addition, company-owned premises are also supplied with sustainably produced electricity.

The plant is used by three different mounting

systems from HILTI at the building roof, eleven SMA Sunny Tripower inverters convert the produced direct current to alternating voltage.

The complex was built by Wiener Neustädter company 10hoch4. The project development phase took one year and the construction period was four weeks.

A data monitoring function was integrated into the overall system for quality control and quality control. A display with important information about the system was installed in the entrance area of the company EVVA to promote awareness among employees and visitors.

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