Ecotherm - PV-IFIX: PV installation without tools

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Ecotherm - PV-IFIX: PV installation without tools

Company: ECOTHERM Austria GmbH

Locatoin: Hartkirchen, Austria


ECOTHERM Austria GmbH has developed a system with which it is possible to mount a PV system on the roof without a mounting system. Furthermore, the roof skin is not damaged in the plant construction. The individual modules are mounted on so-called "pots" of corrosion-resistant steel sheet, which are closed on all four sides. These pots are placed on the roof only on rubber plates. A pot is connected to the next by metal lips. This creates a large, cohesive "photovoltaic module carpet" on the roof. This innovation makes it possible to install the system without tools, resulting in a very short installation period. ECOTHERM installs the individual elements of the photovoltaic system PV-iFIX at the

factory, which also saves valuable time during the installation on the roof.

The system is aerodynamically tested for wind loads up to 180 km / h and load capacities up to 5,400 Pa. With less than 15 kg / m2 & nbsp; the photovoltaic system has a very low weight load. A weighting is mainly necessary only in the marginal areas. The roof surface can be optimally utilized when laying the PV-iFIX modules with a 10-degree angle of inclination. An antireflection coating guarantees excellent low-light behavior. The front glass is highly transparent, low in iron and tempered. The shading angle is only 16 degrees. ECOTHERM PV-iFIX is suitable for low-tilt flat roofs and roofs.

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