Thermocollect - A solar-active energy facade system

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Thermocollect - A solar-active energy facade system

Company: thermocollect

Location: St. Georgen, Austria


The company  thermocollect has developed an innovative energy facade system that takes both the temperature control and exterior design of the building. The insulation is not glued to the wall, but is designed in the form of individual, movable panels, which can be opened or closed as required by computer (see graphic).

In winter, the system is usually closed and & nbsp; achieves high insulation values ​​as insulation. When radiation gains are possible, the "insulation" opens automatically and lets the sun go to the 'core wall', which has been removed by absorption. The heat penetrates deep into the wall, thus activating the components. The walls store the heat and lead them in time to the inside, resulting in a pleasant radiant heat for the occupants. In addition to windows that bring solar energy quickly into the living room, thermocouple-equipped walls deliver the sun's heat in time and can also store the heat up to a few days. The heating comfort in the building increases significantly as the sun-warmed walls subsequently cool down pleasant radiant heat inside and form a kind of gentle "tiled stove effect". With the same heat sensation, the indoor

air temperature can be reduced, an energy-saving side effect. Radiation heaters also have a lower dust load on the room air. 

In the summer the control of the façade system changes. Now the system isolates during the day, but opens at night and lets the wall heat radiate into the after-mold and vent off, thus achieving a free cooling effect

The side of the panel system facing the core wall is usually very light, reflecting. Approximately 85% of the time, the panel system remains closed and is thus hardly distinguishable from classic facades. The energy consumption is low and can, for example, be provided by the combination with a photovoltaic system.& Nbsp; The system increases the wall thickness only slightly and is easy and quick to retrofit. The example of a single-family house shows an average reduction of the heating requirement by up to 85%. In the cold months of winter, heating is only necessary in longer turbid or foggy periods. 

Thermocollect findet Anwendung in der Gebäudesanierung sowie bei der Errichtung von Neubauten jegliche Art. Besonders effektiv arbeitet das System in Kombination mit einer Massivbauweise.

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