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State Prize Juries 2015

Four independent juries of experts in the field of environmental and energy technologyselected the winners.The juries were composed as follows: Jury in the “Research & Innovation” category Ing. René Albert, BSc, BMVIT Angela Köppl – WIFO DIin Doris Österreicher, MSc – , AIT Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hans Schnitzer – TU Graz DI Michael […]

Jury in the “Special Start-Up Resource Efficiency Award” category

(c) BMK // Jury National Award 2015 Special Prize Resource Efficiency from left to right:DI Theo Zillner – Barbara Schmon – BMLFUWUniv.-Prof. Dr. Hans Schnitzer – TU GrazDIin Alexandra Amerstorfer – Kommunalkredit Public ConsultingMag. Michael Hütter – Junge Wirtschaft Österreich Source: BMK DIin Alexandra Amerstorfer KPC, Juryvorsitzende Alexandra Amerstorfer ist Geschäftsführerin der Kommunalkredit Public […]

Jury in the “Research & Innovation” category 2015

(c) BMK // Jury National Award 2015 Category Research & Innovation from left to right:Ing. René Albert, BSc, Angela Köppl – DIin Doris Österreicher, MSc – , AITUniv.-Prof. Dr. Hans Schnitzer – TU GrazDI Michael Paula – BMVIT Angela Köppl WIFO, Juryvorsitzende Angela Köppl. Doktorin der Volkswirtschaft, arbeitet seit 1992 als […]

Jury in the “Environment & Climate” category

(c) BMK // Jury National Award 2015 Category Environment, Climate & Energy from left to right:DIin Theresia VogelUniv.-Prof. Günther BraunerDIin Alexandra Dörthe KunellisUniv.-Prof. Markus Lehner Source: BMK Em. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Günther Brauner TU Wien, Juryvorsitzender Univ.-Prof. Dr. Günther Brauner lehrt und forscht am Institut für Energiesysteme und Elektrische Antriebe an der TU Wien. Seine […]

Jury in the “Energy & efficiency” category

(c) BMK // Jury National Award 2015 Category Environment, Energy & Efficiency from left to right:Andreas GnesdaMag.a Alexandra Heidelinde AdensamDIin Claudia HübschDI Dr. Michael Fuchs, MBA Source: BMK Andreas Gnesda ÖGV, Juryvorsitzender Andreas Gnesda ist Präsident des Österreichischen Gewerbevereins, Geschäftsführer der Gnesda Real Estate & Consulting GmbH, Lektor an der Donauuniversität Krems, Studiengang Facility […]

State prize awardees 2015

Within the scope of the 2015 Environmental and Energy Technology (Clean Technology Austria) award, a total of three government awards were awarded by three ministries, which are based on Austrian federal strategies Vice Chancellor and Economics Minister Dr. Reinhold Mitterlehner, Environment Minister DI Andrä Rupprechter and Technology Minister Alois Stöger honored the state prize winners. […]

Nominees 2015

In the weeks prior to the award ceremony, the juries discussed and assesed the three categories of the State Prize2015 Environmental and Energy Technology from left to right: Andreas Gnesda, President of the Austrian Trade Association (Category Energy & Efficiency), Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günther Brauner, TU Wien (Category Environment and Climate), DI Alexandra Amerstorfer, Kommunalkredit (Special […]

State Prize 2015 Environmental and Energy Technology

On the way towards climate neutrality, our technological innovative strength is particularly challenged. How do we approach a circular economy or environmental, energy and climate goals? The award of the state prize for environmental and energy technology is: Continuity of the brand since 2008 Stage for innovation, projects, services and products of the environmental and […]

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