State prize awardees 2015

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Within the scope of the 2015 Environmental and Energy Technology (Clean Technology Austria) award, a total of three government awards were awarded by three ministries, which are based on Austrian federal strategies

Vice Chancellor and Economics Minister Dr. Reinhold Mitterlehner, Environment Minister DI Andrä Rupprechter and Technology Minister Alois Stöger honored the state prize winners. Innovative environmental technology projects were honored in three categories with the highest state award for the Austrian environmental and energy technology sector.

Group photo of all winners 2015
BMK // Group photo of all awardees 2015. Photo: Stefan Csáky

The winners of the State Prize2015

Tehe State Prize2015 for Environmental and Energy Technology was awarded in four categories: “Energy & Efficiency”
“Environment & Climate”, “Research & Innovation” and “Special Prize Start-Up Resource Efficiency”

State Award 2015

Kategorie: „Energy and Efficiency“

Winner in this category is:

Rudolf Großfurtner GmbH

for the project

Smart-Heat: Kaskadische Wärmenutzung im Produktionsbetrieb


v.l.n.r.: Sektionschef Dipl.-Ing. Christian Schönbauer, Sektion III Energie und Bergbau, BMWFW, DI David Wöss BOKU-IVET Wien, Rudolf Großfurtner, Geschäftsführer Rudolf Großfurtner GmbH, Alexander Schumergruber, Rudolf Großfurtner GmbH, Andreas Gnesda, ÖGV.
Foto: Stefan Csáky.

From left to right: Minister of the Environment Andrä Rupprechter, Managing Director Nino Struska, Hydroconnect GmbH, Managing Director Walter Albrecht, Hydroconnect GmbH, Univ.-Prof. Günther Brauner, TU Wien

Kategorie: „Environment and Climate“

Winner in this category is:

Hydroconnect GmbH

für das Projekt

Doppel-Wasserkraftschnecke mit integrierter Fischwanderhilfe


v.l.n.r.: Umweltminister Andrä Rupprechter, GF Nino Struska, Hydroconnect GmbH,GF, Walter Albrecht, Hydroconnect GmbH, Univ.-Prof. Günther Brauner, TU Wien.
Foto: Stefan Csáky.

State Award 2015_Category Research

Kategorie: „Research and Innovation“

Winner in this category is:

Schöberl & Pöll GmbH Bauphysik und Forschung

for the project

Plus-Energie-Bürohochhaus am Standort Getreidemarkt der TU Wien


v.l.n.r.: Technologieminister Alois Stöger, Bmst. DI Helmut Schöberl, Schöberl & Pöll GmbH, Ao. Univ. Prof. Dipl-Ing. Dr. techn. Thomas Bednar, TU Wien Forschungsbereich für Bauphysik und Schallschutz, Architekt DI Gerhard Kratochwil, Dr. Angela Köppl, WIFO.
Foto: Stefan Csáky

From left to right: Minister of Technology Alois Stöger, Mag.a Ulrike Rabmer-Koller / Vice President Austrian Economic Chamber, Managing Director Franz Seher, holis market GmbH, Minister of the Environment DI Andrä Rupprechter, Section Chief Dipl.-Ing. Christian Schönbauer

Kategorie: „Special Prize Start-Up Resource Efficiency“

Winner in this category is:

holis market GmbH

for the project

holis market – Der Lebensmittelmarkt ohne Müll

v.l.n.r.: Technologieminister Alois Stöger, Mag.a Ulrike Rabmer-Koller /Vizepräsidentin Wirtschaftskammer Österreich, Geschäftsführer Franz Seher, holis market GmbH, Umweltminister DI Andrä Rupprechter, Sektionschef Dipl.-Ing. Christian Schönbauer.
Foto: Stefan Csáky.

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