“Invisible” pumped-storage power plant in underground cavern

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In order to expand the capacity of the Limberg hydropower plant in Kaprun, VERBUND AG relied on a particularly innovative project realization. The two 240 MW machines of the Limberg II pumped-storage power station were completely installed in an underground cavern in the Alps. Only the access road is visible from the outside. The turbine output of the entire plant was doubled to 988 MW, which is almost fivefold more important for the storage of electricity to 610 MW. The drop height is 365 meters and the maximum flow is 144 m³ / s. The power plant can provide up to 10% of Austrian electricity requirements at peak times. The new power plant provides balancing and regulating energy forthe grid as a supplement to wind and solar power generation and supports the role of Austria as a "green battery of Europe".

The large-scale project benefits both the construction and construction industry as well as trade and regional catering and accommodation companies. Through the total investment of more than 400 million euros, around 800 jobs were created each year during the project construction period. Nearly a quarter of the investments were spent directly in the region. In addition to the investment in power plants, the company also invested in the quality of the location, new teaching and central workshops are an immediate follow-up investment.

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Kaprun, Austria


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