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Innovative irrigation system saves more than 50% water and boosts plant growth

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The HYDRIP GmbH has developed an irrigation system that is able to meet the requirements of very dry regions. It consists of a tubing system of technically high developed material under the earth’s surface which is equipped with an innovative irrigation mechanism and is resistant to the blockage of the tubes by roots and dirt particles. In addition, it optimises the soil structure, which improves water and nutrient holding capacity and supports better plant health by using a natural soil additive based on clay minerals. The combination of new irrigation techniques ensures an efficient usage of water as a finite resource and the enhancement of plant growth.

The tubes are installed under the surface and in this transport pipe the water (if required with fertilisers) is channelled directly into the root zone. Unlike in other systems the soil additive used avoids deep percolation of irrigation water and the washing out of nutrients.

The HYDRIP-System combines ecological aspects with an economic benefit for the user. More than 50% of irrigation water can be saved, the soil fertility increases, plants grow better and stay healthy, salt accumulations are reduced and the fertiliser is delivered directly into the roots. Due to the long-lasting tubing system the operation is cost-efficient and easy to maintain.

HYDRIP helps to improve irrigation efficiency in applications such as lawns, parks, hotel resorts, in horticulture and agriculture. Also in urban roof and facades greening the system offers different fields of application. The innovative irrigation method was granted the Neptun Wasserpreis, the Daphne – Spirit of Environment, the Energy Globe Awards and the Wiener Zukunftspreis.

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Vienna, Austria


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