Innovative exhaust air cleaning eliminates the dust and odors of abrasive production

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In the production of grinding tools of the TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG, in addition to fine dusts, unpleasant odors are created. In order to remove these odors from the exhaust air, Lenzing Technik GmbH at the Tyrolit-Schwamitzitz Schwaz is setting up two state-of-the-art BRI BIOReaction biological waste air treatment units, which are equipped with the innovative Bio-Matrix ™.

In the future, 17,000 m³ / h exhaust air will be biologically cleaned according to the most modern aspects. The patented BIOReaction process is used for the efficient removal of volatile organic hydrocarbons and the odors arising during the production of grinding tools. Two proven technologies are combined with the chemical-physical and biological exhaust air treatment. In the first stage of the system, water-soluble components are eliminated with a bio-scrubber from the exhaust air. The second stage consists of a biofilter with optimized bed material, the so-called Bio-Matrix ™. This consists of packings filled with specially prepared compost. The advantages are, on the one hand, the stability of the bed material which prevents condensation in the treatment bed and thus prevents a channel effect. On the other hand, it is also possible to achieve higher bed heights than in conventional biofilters, which also results in a larger specific surface area for the treatment of the raw gas.

The oxidation of the pollutants in the raw gas takes place by bacteria and fungi, which are contained in the compost material. The organic components are converted to oxygen, water and CO2. The pollutants are adsorbed and biodegraded in a final step. Depending on which pollutants are treated, the degradation rates are between 70 and 98%.

The BIOReaction system was assembled within three weeks, so that long standstill periods during production could be avoided. This was a strict requirement of the customer TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG.

The process is used in various industries such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the paint and varnish industry, the paper and pulp industries, the coating industry, the electronics industry, the wood-based material industry, the utilization of animal carcasses and animal breeding as well as in sewage treatment plants.

The engineering and plant engineering company Lenzing Technik GmbH has been active in the planning and construction of exhaust air purification plants for years. Thus, the licensed technology of the BRI bio-oxidation process represents a sensible addition to the product portfolio in biological exhaust air purification.

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Lenzing Technik GmbH
Schwaz, Austria

Lenzing Technik GmbH

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