Compact Crushing

It all began back in 1991 when an idea came to Gerald Hanisch, founder and CEO of RUBBLE MASTER HMH GmbH. The goal was to give as many entrepreneurs as possible the chance to use mobile rubble recycling for value enhancement. It was with this innovative concept that RM created a market: on-site recycling!

RM has concentrated on its core competences since the beginning: development, marketing and service for mobile crushers in the compact class. RUBBLE MASTER HMH GmbH has made a name for itself around the world with the RM Compact Crushing brand and the RM business model for profitable processing.

It all began in 1991

in a small office in Linz and a hired unit where we began to develop and sell compact processing machines for a wide variety of applications. Innovative products and professional services form the basis of RM’s success and it has since developed into the world leader in mobile crushers in the compact class.

Successful growth led to the building of RM headquarters in Linz-Pichling in 2001. Our corporate culture is reflected in the extension built in 2009 where offices and production moved closer to each other. Open-mindedness and transparency are values that reflect RM principles and foster true partnerships in business. 


Products & Services

RM Compact Recyclers are the cost-effective solution for mobile processing: multiple applications, powerful and excellent value retention. You can transform mineral starting material into high-quality, cubic and homogeneous aggregate directly on site and in a single step.  

Stockpile and conveyor belts
RM stockpile and conveyor belts match our mobile crushers perfectly. Like our crushers, these mobile

stockpile and conveyor belts can be transported quickly and easily. As a result you save time and transport costs using them with our crushers. 

Screen units
RM screens produce high-quality primary and secondary raw materials cost effectively. They can be transported quickly and easily, can be used for a wide range of applications and are perfectly matched to RM mobile crushers: they retain defined grain sizes for even higher output.


RUBBLE MASTER HMH GMBH, Im Südpark 196, 4030 Linz, Österreich

+43 732 73 71 17 – 102

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Field of activity: Green Building

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