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With innovative lighting control solutions EcoCan achieves more efficient and ecologically more sensible efficiencies in order to save energy and shows that ecology and economy do not have to be a contradiction. EcoCan was founded in September 2011 at the Center for Applied Technology at the Leoben University of Technology. One of the goals of EcoCan was to achieve more efficient and ecologically more meaningful efficiencies with novel light-guiding solutions, by means of radiation-physically optimized systems, in order to save energy and additionally to increase the visual quality in workplaces. To achieve these goals, the so-called "Lightbooster Technology" was developed. The core of this technology is to achieve more efficient light emission values in combination with reflectors, light sources (originally fluorescent tubes with lightboosters) and optical light-deflecting films without exceeding too high luminances.

Due to the massive LED developments and the associated economic and scientific opportunities, EcoCan has pushed the research work on LEDs to port the “Lightbooster technology” into this area. Through intensive research activities, EcoCan has succeeded in developing the “LED Booster” and thus bringing savings and flexibility in the LED lighting.
EcoCan is the only company in the world that manages to direct light by means of optical films.
Due to its successful research, EcoCan was nominated for the “Fast Forward Award 2012” in Styria, the State Prize 2013 (Verena with the TU Graz) and the “futurezone Award 2014”.
EcoCan wants to show that ergonomics, ecology and economy do not have to be a contradiction.

Products & Services

LED Booster

With the LED Booster, EcoCan can achieve unique light intensities in combination with various LED illuminants and thus save up to 70% energy. Due to the modular design, the LED Booster is the future-proof LED light solution.

LED Booster HiBay
The LED Booster HiBay is the energy-efficient and future-proof LED luminaire for halls.

Success story

Optimized LED efficiency
Mith the LED Booster technology EcoCan has achieved unique light intensities in combination with various LED illuminants. Through a combination of specially developed optical films.

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EcoCan GmbH
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EcoCan GmbH
Peter Tunner Straße 19, 8700 Leoben, Austria

Contact person:
Christoffer Färber
Green Ressources

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