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The world market leader for old glass and recyclable recycling materials from Gleisdorf Founded in 1894, the traditional company Binder + Co has revolutionized the processing of secondary raw materials with its developments.

The world market leader for used glass and heavy-duty secondary raw materials

Thus, Binder+Co was and still is a key pioneer in the processing of old glass with its CLARITY sorting system. CLARITY was the first 3-way sorting system that not only freed glass from foreign substances, but also sorted by color. In 2010, Binder + Co was awarded the State Prize for Innovation from the German Federal Ministry of Science for the development of a sensorbed sorting system for the recognition of special glasses. Today CLARITY is also successfully used for the sorting of plastics, packaging waste, paper, electrical appliances and rubble.

For more than 30 years, the sieve system BIVITEC has become an integral part of the screen classification of secondary raw materials such as compost, rubble and electronic waste.
Continuous innovation and product development form the basis of the company’s technological leadership. A special feature of Binder + Co is the close cooperation with customers, research institutes and universities as well as suppliers in order to be as close as possible to the market and to meet individual customer requirements. In 2011, Binder+Co was presented as the best SME in the D-A-CH region of the Best Open Innovator Award.
The success of Binder+Co AG is based above all on the commitment to create a decisive competitive advantage for its customers with efficient and tailor-made systems.

Products & Services

The revolutionary sensor-based system from Binder + Co sorts glass, plastic, packaging waste, electrical appliances, paper, building rubbish and much more according to colors and materials.

With BIVITEC, Binder + Co is the place where conventional screening technology fails. BIVITEC stands for highly efficient screening of difficult materials, as found mainly in the processing of secondary raw materials.

Success story

The world’s most advanced glass sorting machine

With Clarity nexxt, Binder + Co has developed the world’s first sorting machine, which can sort even tiny glass grains with a size of 1 mm. Clarity nexxt analyzes information in the wavelength range of ultraviolet and visible light, and detects and separates foreign materials and & nbsp; due to their different colors. By combining a UV sensor with an RGB camera, it is possible to identify heat-resistant special glass materials and separate them from ordinary glass.



Grazer Straße 19-25, 8200 Gleisdorf, Austria

Contact person:
Dr. Diego Freydl
Green Ressources

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