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ISOVOLTAIC is the world market leader in the development and production of back-up foils for PV modules. ICOSOLAR® backing sheets have the advantage of more than 25 years of experience, are extremely reliable and set higher standards than industry standards.

ISOVOLTAIC AG is a world market and technology leader in the development and production of back-up foils for photovoltaic modules and has an important industrial standard with ICOSOLAR® back-up foils and encapsulant. The ISOVOLTAIC customers are the manufacturers of solar modules. 98% of the total production is exported abroad. The main sales markets are in Asia, Europe and North America.

ISOVOLTAIC employs about 150 people and is headquartered in Lebring / Austria.

In addition to production specialized in the production of backsheets, all of the company’s core competencies are from management through research & Development and application technology to marketing in a strong, future-oriented innovation center. ISOVOLTAIC is based on high quality and safety requirements. The company and its processes are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
With a strong presence in China, the ISOVOLTAIC takes account of the important Asian market. ISOVOLTAIC Asia-Pacific Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of ISOVOLTAIC AG, is based in Hong Kong. Their two operational sites in China, ISOVOLTAIC (Suzhou) Composite Materials Co., Ltd. and Changzhou Isovoltaic Composite Materials Co., Ltd., have their main focus on sales and production close to the customer.

Backing foils and encapsulation material - Protection for solar cells

ISOVOLTAIC is a technology supplier of photovoltaics and has more than 25 years of experience in the production of high-quality composite protection films for solar cells with a production capacity of approx. 10 GWp per year.
The tried and tested ICOSOLAR® backing films from ISOVOLTAIC ensure that sunlight can be efficiently converted into electrical energy over a long period of time. On the one hand, they permanently protect the solar cells from mechanical, chemical and weathering influences and, on the other hand, the environment in front of the active elements – in the form of electrical insulation.

With ICOSOLAR® Encapsulant, ISOVOLTAIC also offers total solutions for the embedding of solar cells, which in combination with the back-up films as ICOSOLAR® plus or ICOSOLAR® complete revolutionize the market. ICOSOLAR® Encapsulant stands for excellent adhesion to solar glass as well as solar cell and back foil.
ICOSOLAR® products are tested in strict and comprehensive material tests. They are UL recognized, TÜV type tested and / or JET component registered. The benchmark for ICOSOLAR® is higher than the required standard standards. In addition to good long-term behavior, ICOSOLAR® is also characterized by its ease of use in module production and installation.

Know how and Innovation

The improvement of existing products and the further development of future technologies play a central role in ISOVOLTAIC. Our technology leadership is based on intensive in-house research and development activities as well as on strategic cooperation with regional and international partners and close cooperation with our customers. Always with the focus on quality and availability, we are developing more and more effective material solutions that enable even more efficient and cost-effective solar modules, thus setting industry standards.

Products & Services

ICOSOLAR® Encapsulants
Thermoplastic encapsulation material – improved properties compared to EVA. In conjunction with ICOSOLAR® backing films, costs are reduced.

ICOSOLAR® Rückseitenfolien
The proven ICOSOLAR® backing films permanently protect the solar cells from mechanical, chemical and weather-related influences.



Isovoltaicstraße 1, 8403 Lebring – St. Margarethen, Österreich

Contact person:
Klaudia Schober
Green Ressources

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