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The company's history dates back to the year 1964 and began with the "Kanal- und Tankreinigung Peter Höpperger". In the following decades the leading Tyrolean waste disposal company emerged. In addition to sewage, tank and road cleaning, we now collect solid and liquid waste from around 80 Tyrolean communities with 100,000 people as well as numerous industrial and commercial companies.

We dispose of for the future

Subsequently, the valuable substances are treated in company-owned plants, temporarily stored and fed to a suitable disposal route. The company Höpperger developed into a service company, which creates a bridge between the producer and the end-user, but does not operate a landfill or a thermal treatment facility.
A prerequisite for all activities in the company is a high degree of sense of responsibility, as large quantities of dangerous substances are also processed. Not least, environmental protection is an integral part of our company philosophy. The “WIR ENTSORGEN FÜR ZUKUNFT” logo in the company logo shows this as well as in our company name “Höpperger Umweltschutz”.
As early as 1997, the decision was made to consolidate environmental protection through a modern management system in the company. As a result, our activities have become even more systematic and, above all, more transparent. Through this complete documentation the responsibility of each employee is perceived even better. In 1997, therefore, the environmental management system was implemented according to the worldwide standard ISO 14001 & nbsp; at Rietz, Pfaffenhofen (sorting facility) and for external services and has proved itself very well since then.

We continue to see it as a challenge and a cornerstone for a successful future, which is why it is also applied in our subsidiaries. For the headquarters in Rietz, we publish this environmental statement, which has been validated in accordance with the EC Eco-Audit Regulation.

Selected Products & Services

Capsule recycling – What else?

Nespresso, an expression of lifestyle and culinary delights at the highest level, which is now an integral part of many households and businesses. We at Höpperger Umweltschutz have the privilege to round off this enjoyment. Höpperger, what else?
Since 2012 we take care of the recycling of all used Nespresso capsules in Austria. For a good reason: ARES (a subsidiary of the recycling company Reycycling Austria AG and partner of Nespresso Austria) knew about the recycling plant in Pfaffenhofen and about related possibilities.

Within the framework of an EU project, a procedure was developed in co-operation with the University of Innsbruck and the Research Center alpS, which makes use of the coffeesud from the capsules as valuable energy carriers. Biogas is extracted from the biosubstrate produced in the foulards of sewage treatment plants. A semitrailer with 24 tons of used Nespressocapsules thus covers the annual energy needs of two and a half family homes. Another argument for untroubled coffee enjoyment without remorse. The capsules made of aluminum are completely and infinitely recyclable.

The energy saving compared to the new bulk of the light metal is 95 per cent. In its Ecolaboration sustainability program, Nespresso is pushing forward the recycling of used capsules. This is currently being advertised by George Clooney and Matt Damon. In the background, Höpperger Umweltschutz is the ideal partner. “Innovation from tradition” is the company motto.

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Höpperger GmbH & Co. KG
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Höpperger GmbH & Co. KG
Bundesstraße 21, 6421 Rietz, Austria

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