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AHT Cooling Systems GmbH is active in the field of food refrigeration, the main business areas being the production of plug-in refrigeration / freezers and refrigerated shelves for supermarkets, ice-cream restrooms and beverage coolers.

Profile and company history

As early as 1442 – in the widest sense – the success story of AHT Cooling Systems began. The founding of a ironworks at today’s location led to technical progress in the manufacture of electronic household appliances from Bauknecht in the 50s and 60s of the 20th century.

After a change of ownership and the reestablishment of the factory in 1983, privatization took place in 1988, followed by the successful stock exchange in 1998; since the end of 2003 the AHT has been privately owned.

Today AHT operates under the name “AHT Cooling Systems GmbH” and serves the market with an export share of more than 97%.

AHT is one of the medium-sized companies and currently offers around 950 qualified employees secure jobs in Austria alone. The globally positioned AHT Group, with its three manufacturing facilities (Austria, China and Brazil) and sales offices, employs around 600 people at various locations to ensure consistently high product quality and customer satisfaction around the world.

Products and Services

AHT Cooling Systems GmbH is active in the two industrial refrigeration and freezer industries, with the main business areas being the production of ready-to-fit refrigerators and freezers for supermarkets, ice-breakfasts and food and beverage chillers.

The refrigerators / freezers and refrigerated shelves for supermarkets mainly comprise plug-in refrigerators and freezers, accounting for around 62% of total sales. AHT is the world’s leading manufacturer in this segment.

AHT is also one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ice-cream, and in the beverage cooling business, AHT has been able to win world-famous brand manufacturers as customers in a very short time.

DAHT has introduced a quality management system according to ISO 9001, an environmental management system according to ISO 14001 as well as an health and safety system according to OHSAS 18001 and SA8000. This ensures that customers can always rely on sound quality standards and that the company meets the high demands of consumers on the AHT brand.

COOLPOINT as a global service network

The philosophy of acting as a full-service provider is strictly pursued at AHT in the interests of the best possible customer satisfaction. To this end, the company installed a worldwide, constantly expanding network of services, the so-called COOLPOINTS. All AHT units are serviced by the COOLPOINT partners worldwide according to exactly defined standards and repaired with certified original spare parts. The customer can therefore rely on the best quality, not just from the factory.

success stories

World market leader in innovative cooling

The world market leader AHT, specializing in intelligent, energy-efficient cooling systems, is counting on growth through green innovations. AHT produces cooling and freezing systems for global players in trade and industry. The strong innovation power has led AHT to the world’s peak. Sustainability, energy efficiency, innovation and maximum customer service – these are the pillars of AHT.

AHT Cooling Systems GmbH Logo


AHT Cooling Systems GmbH
Werksgasse 57, 8786 Rottenmann, Austria

Contact person:
CEO KommR Hans Aage Jörgensen
Green Ressources

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