KAPPA Mykron ENERGIESPARFILTER - maximum filter power with minimum energy input

KAPPA Mykron ENERGIESPARFILTER - maximum filter power with minimum energy input

Company: KAPPA Filter Systems GmbH

Location: Steyr-Gleink, Oberösterreich


The Kappa Mykron system redefines the state of the art in industrial fine dust separation by combining maximum separation efficiency with minimal energy input. Above all in the area of the my- and nanoparticles there is a filter efficiency of up to 45% of finest particles below 0.4 μm. At the same time, the required energy input has been significantly reduced. The energy-efficient system makes the filter more cost-effective in the long term and thus more economical. The Kappa Mykron enables the highest possible fine dust separation both for small plants with a few 1,000m³ / h and for large plants with over 500,000m³ / h. This makes it possible for the first time to ensure a high-grade and, at the same time,

economical or energy-efficient deposition of fine dust on a large industrial scale. & Nbsp;

Kappa Filter Systems GmbH develops, manufactures, installs and services international systems and systems for industrial air-conditioning and energy recovery. Kappa has specialized in the largest possible separation of industrial emissions and at the same time minimized energy input. All Kappa systems and systems go through the internal energy efficiency program to optimize their energy efficiency. By looking at the entire product lifecycle the efficiency of the systems is also increased. For the development of new innovative systems and processes Kappa invests up to 8% of the sales per year..

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