Electricity and heat from sewage sludge

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Electricity and heat from sewage sludge

Company: Wasserverband Wulkatal und Abwasserverband Eisenstadt-Eisbachtal

Location: Wulkaprodersdorf ‎, Austria


The wastewater association Eisenstadt has set up a sewage sludge treatment plant in cooperation with the Wulkatal water association in Wulkaprodersdorf. Biogas is to be extracted from the excess sewage sludge produced during wastewater treatment, which can subsequently be used to generate electricity and heat. To this end, two faulty towers will be built which will have a capacity of 5,500 cubic meters. In the lofty towers, the defensible, organic substances are first converted by bacteria into low fatty acids, alcohol, carbon dioxide and hydrogen and then to sewage gas consisting of approx. 65% methane (CH4) and 35% carbon dioxide (CO2). The digestion time is approx. 25 - 35 days with a digester temperature of approx. 30 - 35 ° C.

The sludge comes from the sewage treatment plant in Eisenstadt and is transported to the two faulty towers by means of a 4.5 kilometer long pressure line. The plant will provide around 1.4 gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy annually,

which will cover a large part of the electricity demand of the Wulkaprodersdorf sewage treatment plant.

6.5 million euros are invested in the construction of the plant, the federal and state subsidies amount to 28 percent. The two water and wastewater associations comprise 26 municipalities in the districts of Eisenstadt, Eisenstadt and Mattersburg. Considering industry and industry, the average wastewater load corresponds to a comparison value of 100,000 inhabitants. The rated load is around 152,000 inhabitants.

A positive side effect of sewage sludge digestion is also the capacity expansion of the two sewage treatment plants, whereby the foreseeable future increase in sewage volumes can be managed without further investments in the expansion of sewage treatment plants. & nbsp; The self-sufficient energy generation creates a nearly energy-efficient sewage treatment plant in Wulkaprodersdorf and electricity savings at the sewage treatment plant in Eisenstadt.