Special Prize 2015

Special prize 2015  „Start-Up efficiency of resources“

In 2015, a special prize "Start-Up Efficiency of resources" was awarded in addition to the three state prizes. The special prize is awarded to Austrian young entrepreneurs who, with their project ideas, can make a significant and measurable contribution to increasing resource efficiency in Austria. Creative and innovative concepts have been sought for resource-efficient products, technologies, product services or services that can be implemented and achieve a considerable resource efficiency effect. Only young entrepreneurs or start-ups were allowed to submit their application.

Concepts could be submitted to the following four topics:

Efficiency enhancement:

Projects that help to produce the same or more output with less input are addressed. This can be achieved by increasing efficiency in production or during the utilization phase

Extending the service life, re-use and further-use:

I n this subject, projects were sought that extend the life cycle / life cycle of products and the use of resources in the flow of materials up to the closure of material cycles.

Replacement of rare raw materials by renewable resources or recycled materials:

Concepts and developments were needed to enable the transition from "critical" to less critical raw materials, e.g. new basic and materials for production based on uncritical or renewable raw materials and recycled materials.

Product services or services:

Projects were submitted that reduce consumption levels on the consumer side (private, public, enterprise).

The special prize is endowed with a prize money of € 10,000. The prize money was provided by the Austrian Economic Chamber (WKO).

The submission deadline ended on 5 June 2015.
Submissions are no longer possible.