Jury Special Prize

DIin Alexandra Amerstorfer

KPC, Head of judging panel

Alexandra Amerstorfer is Managing Director of Kommunalkredit Public Consulting GmbH and Sustainability Officer of the Kommunalkredit Group. She combines 20 years of professional experience in the environmental and climatic area with the special areas of climate and energy at national and international level as well as sustainability in companies and is an expert for the development and implementation of promotion programs as well as the international carbon market.

DI Theodor Zillner


Theodor Zillner studied mechanical engineering / process engineering at the Vienna University of Technology. After several years at the Vienna University of Technology, he joined the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) and is currently Deputy Head of Department in the Department of Energy and Environmental Technologies. His main focus is currently in the areas of: Sustainable construction, including the House of the Future, solar thermal energy, wind energy, energy efficiency and fossil fuels, national and international representations.

Dr.in Barbara Schmon


Barbara Schmon studied biology and biochemistry and graduated postgrad. deepening studies in the areas of environmental protection, ecotoxicology, ecology and social ecology. Her professional career includes several years of research in the medical field (diabetes and metabolic diseases) as well as coordination and teaching activities in the field of environmental protection and ecology. Your current focus in the BMLFUW is sustainable consumption & amp; Resource efficiency.

Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Hans Schnitzer

TU Graz

Hans Schnitzer, Professor of Process Engineering at Graz University of Technology, has been working for over ten years on the implementation of a sustainable economy in production plants with a focus on the possibilities of waste-free and emission-free production. The aim of its working groups is to support enterprises to bring their "non-product output" to zero and not to leave any inputs technically or economically unused. Hans Schnitzer works internationally with Arab universities, in the Balkans and in Vietnam.

Mag. Michael Hütter


Michael Hütter is a member of the Austrian Economic Chamber as a lecturer in the Young Business, Green Services and Business Administration. Previously, he worked among others, for four year in the AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA responsible for the concerns of Austrian exporters and start-ups. Born in Styria, he studied business administration at the Karl Franzens University in Graz and moved to Vienna in 2006.