Jury Research and Innovation

Dr.in Angela Köppl

WIFO, Head of judging panel

Angela Köppl, has been working as an environmental economist at the Austrian Institute for Economic Research since 1992. Key areas of their research are questions of climate change and the restructuring of the energy system, as well as the Austrian and EU energy and climate policies. In this context, environmental and energy technologies are an important issue. She is a board member at the Austrian National Economic Society and the Austrian Chapter of the Club of Rome.

Arch. DI Dr techn. Doris Österreicher, MSc


Doris Österreicher heads up the "Sustainable Buildings and Cities" business area, which is active in the "Smart Buildings" and "Smart Cities and Regions", in the Energy Department of the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT). Prior to that, she has worked in the UK and the United States for over 8 years, has been an architect in Austria and the UK, has earned a degree in architecture and a degree from the University of East London in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies at the Vienna University of Technology '.

Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Hans Schnitzer

TU Graz

Hans Schnitzer, Professor of Process Engineering at Graz University of Technology, has been working for over ten years on the implementation of a sustainable economy in production plants with a focus on the possibilities of waste-free and emission-free production. The aim of its working groups is to support enterprises to bring their "non-product output" to zero and not to leave any inputs technically or economically unused. Hans Schnitzer works internationally with Arab universities, in the Balkans and in Vietnam./p>

Dipl. Ing. Michael Paula


Michael Paula is Head of the Department of Energy and Environmental Technologies at the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology. Since 1986 he has worked in the public administration in the areas of energy research, environmental technologies and strategies for sustainable development. He developed the impulse program "Sustainable Management" with the "House of the Future", "Factory of the Future" and "Energy Systems of the Future" and initiated the strategy process ENERGIE 2050 as well as the Austrian SMART CITIES initiative.