Jury Environment and Climate

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Günther Brauner

Technische Universität Wien, Juryvorsitzender

Univ. Porf. Dr. Günther Brauner teaches and conducts research at the Institute for Energy Systems and Electrical Drives at the Vienna University of Technology. His areas of work are electromobility, sustainable energy systems and energy-efficient settlements with smart grids.

Dipl.-Ing. Alexandra Amerstorfer


Alexandra Amerstorfer is Managing Director of Kommunalkredit Public Consulting GmbH and Sustainability Officer of the Kommunalkredit Group. She combines 20 years of professional experience in the environmental and climatic area with the special areas of climate and energy at national and international level as well as sustainability in companies and is an expert for the development and implementation of promotion programs as well as the international carbon market.

Dr.in Dörthe Kunellis


Dipl.-Chem. Dr. Dörthe Kunellis works as a consultant in the Department of Operational Environmental Protection and Technology at the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management in Vienna. She is responsible for matters relating to the development and dissemination of environmental technologies including the export initiative environmental technologies and the Eco innovation action plan.

Univ.-Prof. DI Dr.-Ing. Markus Lehner

Montanuniversität Leoben

Dr. Markus Lehner is Head of the Chair for Process Engineering of Industrial Environmental Protection at the University of Leoben. His work focuses on processes for gas purification and gas processing, processes of energy process engineering and residual material recycling, fluid dynamics as well as heat and material transport in multi-phase flows. He is a member of the ProcessNet Committee for Gas Cleaning and a member of the Scientific Committee of Filtech Europe.