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The topics of the State prize Environmental and Energy Technologies

Within the scope of the 2015 Environmental and Energy Technology (Clean Technology Austria) award, a total of three government awards were awarded by three ministries, which are based on Austrian federal strategies:

"Energy & Efficiency": Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Economics Dr. Reinhold Mitterlehner awarded the State Prize 2015 Environmental and Energy Technology Category: "Energy & Efficiency" based on the Austrian energy strategy and the Energy Efficiency Act.

"Environment & Climate": Minister for the Enviroment Andrä Rupprechter awarded the State Prize 2015 Environment and Energy Technology Category: „Environment & Climate“ based on „Masterplan Green Jobs“ and the„Masterplan Umwelttechnologie“.

"Forschung & Innovation":  Alois Stöger Minister of Technology awarded the State Prize 2015 Environmen and Energy Technology Category: „Research & Innovation“ based on Energieforschungsstrategie and the FIT-Strategy of the Federal Government.

Special prize 2015 "Start-Up Efficiency of resources"
In addition a price money was awarded by the three ministries for the Special Prize 2015 „Start-Up Efficiency of resources“

General information on the submission - from target groups to project types or the jury panel - in all three categories as well as the special prize can be found here:

Staatspreis 2015 Environmental and energy technologies - Information for the application (pdf)

The submission ended on 5 June 2015
No further submissions are possible