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DIin Dr.in Sabine Herlitschka, MBA

Key facts about the person: Sabine Herlitschka has been CEO of Infineon Technologies Austria AG since April 2014. Their occupational stations include industrial biotech research, international research and technology co-operation and financing, internships with renowned U.S. Institutions, Fulbright scientist and founding professor at the Medical University of Graz. Sabine Herlitschka holds a Doctorate in Food & Biotechnology, Postdoctoral in Industrial Research and a Master of Business Administration.

Contents of the lecture: “With intelligent systems for sustainable growth”
Energy efficiency and renewable energies will become the key to a sustainable energy policy. Long-term economic growth is made possible by the development of energy-efficient technologies as well as innovative manufacturing concepts such as industry 4.0. Thus, energy efficiency becomes the largest and most intelligent resource for a future economy. The necessary technologies are already in place and Infineon has comprehensive expertise in intelligent, energy-saving systems and processes, especially in Austria.

FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Georg Jungwirth

Key facts about the person: Dr. Georg Jungwirth has been working as a lecturer at the International Marketing & Sales Management (CAMPUS 02) at the Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft since 2001. After completing his degree in Business Administration, he completed his first professional career in Spain and Silicon Valley (USA), as well as in a German marketing consulting firm. Afterwards, he was 11 years as a university assistant at the Institute for Trade, Sales and Marketing at the University of Graz. During this time he worked among other things. As author, publisher and co-author of numerous specialist publications and contributed to several national and international research projects.

His main focus at the FH CAMPUS 02 was on the one hand the holding of various teaching events (eg fundamentals of market research, customer policy, customer relationship management) as well as on the other hand the support of numerous practice-oriented diploma theses and market research projects for companies of various industries.

Since 2007 he has been studying the success factors and strategies of medium-sized Austrian world market leaders (“hidden champions”). He built the largest and most detailed Austrian world market leader database, conducted several empirical studies, wrote numerous publications and gave lectures at domestic and foreign specialist conferences.

Contents of the lecture: “The Success Factors of the Hidden Champions in Environmental Technology and Resource Efficiency”
In my lecture I will first explain what you mean by a hidden champion. Then I would like to bring some figures, data and facts about the medium-sized Austrian world market leaders (“hidden champions”) as well as some concrete company examples. However, the focus of the lecture will be on the success factors of the Austrian hidden champions, which we have found in various studies. The conclusion is a few summary recommendations for non-market leaders and potential “future champions”.

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Markus Hengstschläger

Key data on the person: Markus Hengstschläger promoted his doctorate of genetics in Vienna at the age of 24. He then worked at Yale University in the USA, where he was appointed as a university professor at the age of 29 and was appointed a university professor at the age of 35. Today, he is head of the Institute of Medical Genetics at the Medical University of Vienna and is also privately active in this field.

The award-winning and internationally recognized scientist has been teaching students, supervising patients and advising governments and companies for more than two decades. It is, inter alia, Deputy chairman of the Austrian Bioethics Commission, member of the Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development, member of the University Council of the University of Linz and head of the think tank Academia Superior. Hengstschläger is also a research scientist at ORF Radio Ö1 and author of three bestsellers (“Die Macht der Gene”, “Endlich unendlich” and “Die Durchschnittfalle”), which have also been voted one of the most popular books of the year.

Title of the lecture: Diversity creates innovationi ndividuality and flexibility as a tool for the future.

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