simon - Dein Minikraftwerk

Meet simon

simon is your mini power plant that produces power for you all the time. Thanks to handy size, you do not even need a roof or a garden. A balcony or a terrace is enough! In three steps to the homemade energy: unpacking, setting up and plugging in, and already converts sunlight into electricity

that directly supplies your household.

With a top performance of 150 watts, simon is able to get enough power:

  • 1 lunch for 2 people to cook
  • Electricity for 1 year washing machine
  • Electricity for charging 3 iPad's or smartphones
  • 1 simon-hour current for 25 printed double pages

Products & Services

Powerful solar cells
Photovoltaic converts sunlight into electricity. This principle is already well known in solar pocket calculators. The powerful solar cells of the simon produce large quantities of direct current. The integrated inverter ensures that the generated direct current is converted into alternating current with high quality. In doing so, the inverter ensures that the current flows at the voltage and frequency into the socket, which is also used by the household appliances.

Moderne Design and smart method of construction
Because electricity is always the shortest way, the electricity from simon flows directly into the individual electrical appliances such as washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator or computer via the in-house power lines. Simon is used for the current counter brake: With a simon plugged in, the counter rotates more slowly. simon has a built-in safety switch, which is designed twice to ensure maximum safety. At the plug there is absolutely no danger

to electrify. Smart construction, modern design and a goal: to bring solar current into the city. 

With simon, GmbH pursues the goal of giving people the opportunity to produce their own electricity in order to gain more independence. The successful crowdfunding project in summer 2015 has shown that simon has hit the nerve of the people. The mini-power plant goes into series and drives the revolution to a democratic, self-determined energy system. Join and become part of the energy revolution. We at oekostrom & nbsp; GmbH are struggling to democratize the & nbsp; energy system. Because we want to return the power of energy production to you. The sun is already yours, now you just have to use it. With simon, the first & nbsp; is possible. As a strong production partner, we have the Energetica solar module pioneer with its 20 years of expertise at our side. By the way, simon is produced almost entirely with Energetica's in-house solar power system.


oekostrom GmbH für Vertrieb, Planung und Energiedienstleistungen, Laxenburger Strasse 2, 1100 WIen, Österreich

+43 5 0575 223

Size of company: M
Field of activity: Green Energy

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