BMK Green Tech Summit on October 20, 2021

BMKGreen Tech Cluster GmbH

21 October 2021: Within the framework of the BMK Green Tech Summit on October 20, 2021, Climate Protection Minister Gewesseler discussed current topics such as the eco-social tax reform, the circular economy strategy currently being developed and the RTI – circular economy initiative with around 70 managing directors of Austria’s most important environmental technology companies. High-ranking staff members of the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) and the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, Public Service and Sports (BMKÖS) also took part in this joint exchange. The event was moderated by GF Ing. Bernhard Puttinger, MBA.

World-changing ideas at the State Prize 2021

State Prize 2021

13 September 2021: For the sixth time, Austrian environmental technology companies and organizations will be brought before the curtain, whose innovative technologies, products, processes and service systems contribute to sustainable environmental relief and climate protection as well as resource conservation. They will be honored in three categories for their forward-looking projects with the State Prize for Environmental and Energy Technology 2021.

Renewable Energy Expansion Act: Energy Turnaround for Austria initiated

Close-up of a photovoltaic system

3 April 2021: The eagerly awaited Federal Act on the Expansion of Energy from Renewable Sources (Erneuerbaren-Ausbau-Gesetz – „EAG“) was passed in the Council of Ministers on March 17, 2021. The government bill was thus submitted to the National Council for further processing. The Renewable Energy Sources Act represents the law for Austria’s energy transition and is intended to be an essential building block in the fight against the climate crisis, as well as a major step towards climate neutrality. Accordingly, Austria will produce 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources in 2030.

217 million euros as booster for climate protection

Managing Directors of Climate and Energy Fund DI Theresia Vogel and DI Ingmar Höbarth (Photo: Klien)

3 March 2021: The Executive Board of the Climate and Energy Fund has approved the annual program for 2021. 217.3 million euros are available: the lion’s share will go to programs for the expansion of renewable energies, the restructuring of the energy and mobility system and the decarbonization of industry.

State Prize for Environmental and Energy Technology 2021: The award winners

State Prize 2021 (

On October 20th, AEE – INTEC, HARGASSNER Ges mbH and Herka GmbH were awarded the State Prize2021 Environment and Energy Technology by Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler for their innovative projects. “Ammonia-to-Power”, “Emission Reduction in Modern Biomass Heating Systems” and “TEX2MAT – New processes for recycling textile waste of multi-material composition” are the winning projects in 2021. More information and the press release can be found here! The pictures of the winning projects and the picture gallery of the State Award2021 Environmental and Energy Technology can be found „here“.

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