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Special Prize 2012 “Start Up Resource Efficiency”

In addition, a special award2012 “Start Up Resource Efficiency” was jointly awarded by the ministries. As part of the special award2012 “Start Up Resource Efficiency”, young Austrian entrepreneurs who make a significant and measurable contribution to increasing resource efficiency in Austria should be awarded. We were looking for creative and innovative concepts for resource-efficient products, […]

State prize ceremony 2012

The nominated projects were honored and the state prizes2012 and the special prize2012 were awarded during a festive gala dinner on May 22, 2012 in the large and small Redoutensaal of the Wiener Hof castle. In front of an audience of 450 selected and invited guests, the nominees and award winners were presented with the […]

State Prize 2012 – Categories

Environment & Climate The Environment Minister DI Nikolaus Berlakovich awarded the “Environmental Technology” (Clean Technology Austria) prize to the category “Masterplan Green Jobs” and “Masterplan Umwelttechnologien”. Within the scope of this invitation to tender, projects were sought which contribute to the sustainable relief of the environment and to climate protection. In particular, companies and organizations […]

State prize 2012 Environmental and Energy Technologies

The award of the nominated projects as well as the awarding of the Staatspreise2012 and the Sonderpreize2012 took place in the solemn framework of a gala dinner on the 22nd of May 2012 in the Grand and Little Redoutensaal of the Viennese Hofburg. In front of an audience of 450 selected and invited guests the […]

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