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State Prize 2012 – Categories

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Environment & Climate

The Environment Minister DI Nikolaus Berlakovich awarded the “Environmental Technology” (Clean Technology Austria) prize to the category “Masterplan Green Jobs” and “Masterplan Umwelttechnologien”.

Within the scope of this invitation to tender, projects were sought which contribute to the sustainable relief of the environment and to climate protection. In particular, companies and organizations in the fields of environmental and renewable energy technologies, which have already implemented projects in these areas, were addressed.

The topics

  • Climate protection: products, technologies, processes, marketing activities and services in the field of renewable energies and energy self-sufficiency.
  • Cleaner Production: Practice examples and holistic concepts from the entire spectrum of environmental and climatic technology.
  • Water: Total solutions, technologies and projects on the topics of efficiency in consumption, preparation and cleaning.
  • Waste: services, technologies and procedures for waste prevention, waste recycling and recovery.
  • Air: processes, technologies and services to reduce CO2 and particulate matter.

Research & Innovation

Doris Bures, the Minister for Technology, awarded the prize 2012 for Environment and Energy Technology (Clean Technology Austria) in this category, based on the energy research strategy and the Federal Government’s RTI strategy.

The call for tenders focused on technological and non-technological projects, which include outstanding achievements in the field of research and technology development or the successful implementation and visualization of these research results. Priority was given to system-changing innovations which contribute to the maintenance and expansion of technology leadership of Austrian companies and have an international role as an example.

The topics

  • Efficiency in urban and urban areas: building concepts and technologies, innovations in the field of intelligent networks and system applications, innovations concerning the intelligent system integration of energy technologies.
  • Intelligent production: concepts for resource- and energy-efficient production technologies and processes, production concepts in the sense of “zero emission” and “zero waste”.

Energy & Efficiency

The Minister of Economics Dr. Reinhold Mitterlehner awarded the State Prize 2012 Environment and Energy Technology (Clean Technology Austria) in this category based on the energy strategy.

The “Energy & Efficiency” award realtes to technologies, processes, products and services in the field of energy efficiency, which have already implemented projects in these areas.

The topics

  • Energy efficiency in the area of space heat
  • Efficient mobility
  • Efficient energy storage
  • Efficient heating and cooling
  • Efficient distribution within electricity, heating and refrigeration networks
  • Green ICT
  • Energy efficiency through “dematerialization”
  • Efficient household appliances, windows, lighting (especially with the integration of LED) etc.
  • Energy efficiency in processes

Special Prize 2012 "Start Up Resource Efficiency"

In addition, a special award2012 “Start Up Resource Efficiency” was jointly awarded by the ministries.
As part of the special award2012 “Start Up Resource Efficiency”, young Austrian entrepreneurs who make a significant and measurable contribution to increasing resource efficiency in Austria should be awarded. We were looking for creative and innovative concepts for resource-efficient products, technologies, product services or services that can be implemented and achieve a significant resource efficiency effect. The special prize was endowed with € 10,000. The prize money was provided by Wien Energie GmbH, Kommunalkredit Public Consulting GmbH, Alpine Energie GmbH and the Climate and Energy Fund.


The prize was awarded by the jury Dr. Awarded to Amitava Kundu, who with his start-up company ab&cd innovations e.U. developed a process for extracting lactic acid from an industrial residue.

On May 22, the prize was awarded jointly by Environment Minister Berlakovich, Economics Minister Mitterlehner and Technology Minister Bures, who were presented by representatives of the four sponsors. 1rem;”>the lucky winner the prize money donated by you.

The Topic

  • Increased efficiency in production or consumption
  • Lifetime extension & reuse and reuse
  • Replacement of rare raw materials with renewable raw materials or recycling material
  • Reduction of output through product services or services

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