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SFL technologies - energy and environmental technologies with focus on the city!

The Austrian company SFL technologies (SFL), headquartered in Stallhofen (Austria / Styria), is a technology company with a focus on energy and environmental technologies.

Founded by Hans Höllwart in 1993, today's 100% in his property. Within two decades, the SFL has evolved from a locksmith business to a sustainable industrial company.

The rapid growth associated with research and development led to competence in eight disciplines:

  • plant construction
  • mechanical engineering
  • facade
  • steel construction
  • lighting technology
  • Energy Technology
  • E-Mobility
  • glass technology

Demanding projects of every kind and customized product manufacture is accomplished by the SFL with an open mind, many years of know-how and craftsmanship. The goal is the satisfaction of the customer about economical and qualitatively convincing products and projects. The SFL now employs more than 800 people in Austria, Hungary and Romania. On a total of almost 400,000 m², the SFL operates 45,000 m² of production space and comprises a storage space of 90,000 m² open and 13,000 m² of covered space for the worldwide professional realization of projects.

SFL technologies

Products & Services

SFL provides a mobile technology platform for urban transport and storage of energy.

Energy storage facade
SFL offers energy glass solutions in which organic photovoltaics are integrated into elements of the façade.

Success story

The most innovative building in Austria
The Science Tower is the first building in the world to use transparent

energy glasses in the façade, which supply a large amount of electricity (Grätzel cells). For SFL technologies, construction is the culmination of its long-standing pioneering work: a tower that provides itself with regional energy and combines other technological highlights - such as the innovative power storage, intelligent ventilation and the self-supply of energy.


SFL technologies GmbH, Innovationspark 2, 8152 Stallhofen, Österreich

Contact person: DI Dr. Mario J. Müller

 +43 3142/23711 0



Size of company: M
Field of activity: Green Energy, Green Efficiency, More Green

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