Pulsspeed Bender - revolution in collector production

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Pulsspeed Bender - revolution in collector production


Spital am Pyhrn, Austria
Stockach, Austria


DTEC GmbH is a specialist for development and manufacturing in automation technology and special machine construction. Together with the Austrian solar collector producer TiSUN GmbH, a high-tech machine was developed, which revolutionized solar collector production. The "PULSSPEED BENDER" allows the bending, welding and soldering of a complete absorber in a single work process. Up to now, several process steps and the use of different systems have been necessary for the production of the centerpiece of each solar collector, now it is fully automatic in the shortest possible time. The simultaneous processing of the individual components creates an optimal connection between the collector components, which in turn has a positive effect on the energy yield of the end customer. The complete absorber production with the innovative meander bending system can be done by only one worker.

The production of collectors in the meander system has proven itself at TiSUN for many years. Whereas formerly

the absorber tubes were bent first, the absorber plates were trimmed, and then the two components were welded together, this is done simultaneously.

To this end, "PULSSPEED BENDER" cuts the raw material in the desired lengths and then processes it directly. In a next step, the tubing is fused with the plates. The collecting pipes are then fed automatically, welded and soldered with the meander pipes.

Thanks to its flexible bending arm and laser head, the innovative high-tech machine is extremely flexible to use. The three-dimensional arm allows rotations of up to 274 °, so that the laser head can be positioned at the optimum injection angle to the machining surface. The absorber production line is compatible both for the starting material copper and for aluminum and produces absorber plates for all collector designs. An integrated quality inspection controls and monitors the entire product before it is processed in the collector.

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