Komptech is a leading international technology provider of machines and systems for the mechanical and mechanical-biological treatment of solid waste and for the treatment of woody biomass as a renewable energy carrier.

The product range comprises more than 30 different types of machines, covering the essential process steps of modern waste treatment

- crushing, separation / separation, biological treatment.

By combining the right products from our own program with the addition of well-proven components from well-known manufacturers, solutions for solving complex tasks arise

Always at the center of attention: Innovative technology and solutions , which guarantee maximum customer benefit.

Products & Services

Screen and separation technology
Drums, stellar sieves, wind chimes, ballistic separators

Shredding technology
Pre-shredder, universal crusher, post-shredder, hacker

composting technology
Converters, universal mixers

Success story

Green efficiency in waste treatment
The world market leader specializes in the mechanical and

mechanical-biological treatment of solid waste as well as in the treatment of biomass as a renewable energy carrier. KOMPTECH develops its machines according to the "green efficiency" principle - high efficiency with the lowest possible pollutant emissions. Behind them are spectacular solutions such as the new mechanical direct drive or the efficient drum drive.


KOMPTECH GmbH, Kühau 37, 8130 Frohnleiten, Österreich

Concat person: Mag. Joachim Hirtenfellner

 +43 3126/505 550



Size of company: L
Field of activity: Green Energy, Green Resources, Green Efficiency, More Green

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