Austria's network of know-how

Electromobility is a technology area that combines a wide range of different sectors and technology divisions. For example, the domestic electrical and electronics industry, the electrical engineering and mechatronics industries, recycling companies as well as software producers, the car and bicycle retailers and energy supply companies are networked in the field of e-mobility.

In the period from 2010 to 2030, an increase in the value added and employment directly generated in Austrian automotive production of 70% can be achieved by the factor of electromobility.

The employment potential of the electromobility sector is estimated to be around 14,800 persons (full-time equivalents) in Austria for the year 2030. The greatest potential is seen in traction batteries, power electronics, electric motors and bodywork. Above all, the machine and electronics sector as well as the metal and electrical sector can benefit from the expansion of electric mobility.

In addition to electric cars, the expansion of electric bicycles is also an economic factor with a high potential for expansion. In 2008, a value added of 5.2 million euros was generated and the e-bicycle industry accounted for 65 direct jobs.

In addition to two major manufacturers (KTM and Schachner GmbH), there are a number of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in the new technology

segment of electric bicycles. Expertise is also shown by Austrian companies, especially in the field of power train engineering.

In line with the guiding principle of "Strengthening Strengths", the development and location-policy potentials of electromobility are to be used as best as possible for Austria's traffic, energy and environment sectors. By way of example, the automotive and supply industry generates around € 22 billion a year in sales with some 175,000 employees. In 2030, the direct additional potential of electric mobility in the passenger car sector will be estimated at at least 14,800 full-time equivalents as well as gross value added of at least EUR 1.2 billion. In addition, an even greater potential is projected by optimal framework conditions.