Operational resource efficiency

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Plabutsch tunnel produces renewable electricity

Company: ASFINAG
Location: Graz, Austria

Hybrid ventilation for technical operating rooms

Company: A1 Telekom Austria Aktiengesellschaft
Location: Vienna, Austria

Sugar derivative instead of melamine: novel process saves energy and resources

Company: impress decor Austria GmbH
Location: St. Veit an der Glan, Austria

EDCS - the "smart" energy consumption management system

Company: NET - Neue Energie Technik GmbH
Location: Salzburg, Austria

State-of-the-art filter system in the cleanest cement plant in the world

User: Zementwerk LEUBE GmbH
Technology: Scheuch GmbH
Location: St.Leonhard/Gartenau, Austria

Pulp producer supplies 15,000 households with heating

Company: Zellstoff Pöls AG
Location: Pöls, Austria