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BUBLON – basic materials for building materials with excellent insulation and insulating properties

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Binder + Co AG, a specialist for processing, environmental and packaging technology and world market leader in the fields of screen technology and glass recycling, is leveraging its existing know-how to expand its business field by adding a further environmental technology area to the production of an innovative base material for building materials.

BUBLON is a new and more energy-efficient process for the production of a natural light-weight and lightweight filler based on perlite and obsidian. By evaporation of the water bound in these starting materials, the volume increases to 20 times when heated to above 800 ° C. The building materials produced from it have excellent insulating properties. Binders can be used to produce lightweight construction materials such as insulating boards and molded parts or light fillers such as (insulating) plaster and (heat-insulating) mortar. With the BUBLON process, it is also possible to fill brick cavities and thus improve their insulation performance. Furthermore this material is 100% recyclable.

The perlites produced by BUBLON plants are much easier to process with their particularly favorable material properties than products produced by conventional processes. They are hygroscopic only to a very small extent and are more stable due to their closed surface.

In addition, the strength values and the bulk density of the granules can be adjusted in a targeted manner. This allows the use of perlites in the construction and insulation industry to be expanded.

This latest product innovation by Binder + Co AG was developed in cooperation with partner Chi-Che Euro-Technic, the Montanuniversität Leoben and FH Joanneum. The already known method could be optimized so far that an energy saving of 50% and a 20% better output material utilization is possible. The quality is also optimized by automating the process sequences, ensuring a homogeneous end product even in the case of inhomogeneous starting materials.

The process fits perfectly into the company’s existing product portfolio, since all upstream and downstream process steps already rank among its core competences. The crushing, sieving and drying of the starting material as well as the packaging of the product can thus also be carried out with Binder + Co machines.

BUBLON’s potential customers include the construction industry, brick manufacturers, manufacturers of ready-made plasters, insulation panel manufacturers as well as the fire and sound insulation industry.

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Binder+Co AG
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Binder+Co AG

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