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Our passion is the fascination light. This medium in all its versatility, its optimal adjustment to the needs of the users and the continuous expansion of the technically feasible have been the focus of XAL for more than twenty years.

Our passion is the fascination of light - and has been around for more than 25 years.


The quintessence of these are aesthetically and functionally excellent lighting solutions, which integrate perfectly into different lifeworld contexts.
In a time of the most diverse requirements, we offer the necessary process quality, flexibility and internationality in order to realize sustainable concepts beyond short-lived trends. Organizational efficiency, R&D capacities that are unparalleled, and an extraordinary in-house production depth make it possible, in addition to the catalog program, to create tailor-made solutions and individual products together with architects and light planners. And we believe in the relevance of personal contacts. That is why we are represented wherever our customers and partners are. In approximately 150 cities in over 50 countries in the world. Be Creative – See The Light.


Exceptional ideas, the passion for light and a lot of ambition have brought us not only technically – for example, as LED pioneers – but also geographically far: XAL is now a global company with its own research, production and sales offices at nine international locations a network of partners across more than fifty countries. Austria is still our homeland, but the fact that we can feel at home in so many other regions and cultures at the same time has made us all the more experienced in dealing with a variety of ideas, demands and needs with regard to the medium of light and its use. We use this enormous diversity potential to the advantage of our customers: wherever we are needed, we are personally and always available for the best possible advice and the fastest support, we optimize delivery times, we also take care of the environment thanks to shortened transportation routes Competence portfolio, that we are able to find and implement the best lighting solutions – always and everywhere. Welcome to the world of XAL.

Many years ago, XAL has ensured that the development and production know-how relevant to LED technology has been integrated into existing processes. Today, we are able to draw on the full potential: from PCB and software development to temperature and light-control simulation, as well as the verification of the spectral emissions analysis of the LEDs of our suppliers to the PCB production on our SMD assembly line and the extensive test possibilities of the finished product we can offer you exactly what you and our requirements are in all areas: all-round, energy-efficient and sustainable products. We have made perfect lighting to science: LEDOLOGY.

Products & Services

SENIC – High Efficiency Office Luminaire
Thanks to energy-efficient LEDs with optimum light output, the SENIC surface light is an environmentally friendly and particularly economical replacement for conventional ceiling-mounted luminaires, which is convincing by its simplest installation.

HEX-O Modular Sound Absorbing Lighting System
Extravagant. Futuristic. Functional. HEX-O uniquely combines state-of-the-art LED lighting technology with highly efficient sound absorbers. And this in a modular system.

CURVE – Architectural Lighting Profile
CURVE captivates with endless possibilities of creative ceiling design. CURVE combines the lightness of light painting with the latest LED lighting technology.

VELA+ Next Generation
MORE LIGHT – LESS ENERGY. VELA + the new generation of efficient room lighting. The corridor function is really economical: it only generates light when it is actually required.

TASK – Ultra Thin Office Luminaire
Energy efficient. Slim. Impressive. This highly efficient LED luminaire is perfect for the office day. With its balanced form-language, it optimally adapts itself to every spatial architecture and plays out its technical strengths.

Success story

The LED lighting which supports recovery
The expert for lighting and lighting systems XAL based in Graz, specializes in efficient lighting technology. The new technology RECOVER simulates the day and nighttime of a natural source of light and thus promotes the healing process in the hospital in which the circadian rhythm of the patient is balanced again. The global company has its own research, production and distribution center, and offers a comprehensive portfolio of competencies covering products for shops, offices, public buildings and residential areas

Product from Xal GmbH
Source: XAL GmbH
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Auer-Welsbach-Gasse 36, 8055 Graz, Austria

Contact person:
Mag. (FH) Verena Windisch
Green Ressources

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