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Wholesale specialized in compostable packaging.The PACKUNGSZENTRUM GRAZ is a family company that specializes in packaging.

Wholesale specialized in compostable packaging.

The PACKUNGSZENTRUM GRAZ is a family company specializing in biogenic packaging . Therefore, the product range mainly consists of biodegradable packaging such as network packaging made of natural fibers, wood pulp packaging, pulp packaging, cane bagasse disposables, starch packaging, PLA packaging, PLA disposable cutlery and a wide range of paper packaging. Although commercial companies, GRAZ is not content to distribute existing biogenic packaging, but has also invested in research on new packaging alternatives for more than 20 years: alginsulate foam, biopolymers from agricultural waste and cellulose fiber mesh , The PACKUNGSZENTRUM GRAZ works closely with universities and engineers to bring these new products to market maturity.

With the use of compostable packaging, not only fossil resources such as oil are spared, but also materials that are biodegradable are placed on the market. The GRAZ PACKING CENTER has succeeded in this direction through the development of compostable hose netting from the cellulose fiber Lenzing Modal. In December 2012 the product was sold for the first time in the supermarket shelves of REWE for Yes! Naturally, organic fruit and vegetables are presented. The packaging has been used by HOFER (ALDI Austria) since June 2013 for the biomarken “back to the origin” and “nature active”. The raw material used is beechwood, which is harvested in Central Europe during the thinning of forests and is processed at LENZING AG according to the highest environmental standards, carbon-neutral to modal fibers.

Products & Services

Alginsulat foam from sea algae
Process for the production of a biodegradable foam based on algae, developed in cooperation with the Institute for Process and Particle Technology of the Technical University of Graz, to the pilot scale.

Key element
Use of agricultural waste.

Bionetz tube from Lenzing Modal cellulose
Biodegradable cellulosic fiber linings Lenzing Modal (from the thinning of native beech forests) for organic fruit and vegetables in supermarkets, a world-class brand with several national and international awards.

Bioplast Stärketragtaschen
Bioplast granules are obtained from industrial potatoes without the addition of plasticizers and without genetically modified organisms. Bioplast bags are compostable. As garbage bags they facilitate the handling of bio waste.

Packaging examples from Packaging Center Graz, Owner Susanne Meininger e.U.
Verpackungszentrum Graz Inh. Susanne Meininger e.U.
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Verpackungszentrum Graz Inh. Susanne Meininger e.U.
Anton-Mell-Weg 14, 8053 Graz, Austria

Contact person:
Bettina Reichl
Green Ressources

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