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The Stena Metal Group is part of a global Swedish group owned by the Dan Sten Olssen family, whose business is responsible for the recycling of electrical appliances (Stena Technoworld), aluminum recycling (Stena aluminum), iron scrap trading (Stena Metal International), commodity trading (Stena Metal Inc.) as well as steel production and steel treatment (Stena Stål).

Responsibility towards the environment

The Stena Metall Group is also active in the provision of bunker oil and in oil trading (Stena Oil). In order to prevent a false impression: Stena Oil operates exclusively in the Scandinavian countries and in West Africa. According to Stena, this sector also has high technical standards and the recyclability of waste generated. As a result of this business field, resource efficiency is also being used here. In the European subsidiaries in Denmark, Finland, Poland, Germany, Italy and Austria, on the other hand, only the business areas recycling of the EAEC and refrigerators are used.

This and the fact that the Austrian branch of Stena Technoworld GmbH in Stockerau is a significant user of screens of the Magistratsabteilung 48 (MA 48) in Vienna caused us to visit the site. Franz Neudorfer, the managing director, and Matthias Bühler, the production manager, gave a deeper insight into the world of the electric trolley cycle.

Stena in Austria

Through Stena’s decades-long activities in metal recycling (since 1938), enormous know-how within the Group has been gathered, not only from Stena Technoworld GmbH in Stockerau, but also from other recycling disciplines, such as plastics recycling in Germany.

In Stockerau, however, since the beginning of 2011, everything revolves around the Recycling of electrical appliances, from the assumption of manual removal of pollutants to the sorting into pure fractions. Stena Technoworld GmbH assumes the preparation for material recycling (production of raw materials) according to Stena state of the art processes. In the plaintext, this means that no pure metals leave the site, but clean fractions, if possible, which fully comply with the legal, safety and qualitative requirements and the legal requirements.

The products The fractions are created by the manual activity of the employees in the company. The housings of the electrical appliances must be screwed or broken – depending on the condition of the appliances when they arrive at the operating site. Afterwards, the individual components (housings, cables, printed circuit boards, picture tubes, etc.) are sorted out for further use or removed for safety reasons and stored under strict conditions and passed on to third parties (batteries, accumulators, capacitors, etc.). Stena is a specialist for the utilization of old picture tubes. These are prepared according to the highest standards for material recycling, but are a cost-intensive product group due to the complex processing process and the high proportion of lead-coated glass.

Further Services

In addition to preparation for material recycling, Stena Technoworld GmbH offers manufacturers and importers of electrical appliances legally compliant and cost-efficient disposal.

For private individuals and companies, there is also a “Susi care package”, which guarantees the right-hand recycling from the direct on-site collection

The idea of innovation

Due to constant changes and further developments in waste management, Stena Technoworld GmbH, and especially for the Stena Metall Group, is of great importance to drive innovation. Thus, according to health and safety Agendas, the F & E and the process optimization are the most important drivers of the entire group, which are also characterized by close collaboration with universities Chalmers University in Sweden. For example, projects are being devoted to the recycling of future substances and materials in waste management, such as the recycling of solar panels, photovoltaic systems, car batteries and accumulators for eMobile. This is accompanied by a market research which accompanies the F & E projects up to implementation.

Recycling at Stena

Modern waste management plays a major role in the recycling of waste streams. An important contribution to the conservation of natural resources is the recycling of electrical appliances, due to the raw materials contained in them, some of them valuable and comparatively easy to recover, such as copper and gold, Stena sees itself as a secondary supplier of raw materials. However, professional recycling also has a special focus on optimized logistics and the consequential removal of pollutants.

Stena Technoworld GmbH provides an example of how to optimally deal with the advantages and disadvantages of recycling old electrical equipment and how to meet the challenges that the domestic market offers. Legally compliant recycling of old electrical equipment is carried out using the simplest and most efficient means, thereby creating jobs.

Stena Technoworld GmbH Building from outside
Stena Technoworld GmbH
Stena Technoworld GmbH Logo


Stena Technoworld GmbH
Pragerstraße 75, 2000 Stockerau

Contact person:
Franz Neudorfer
Green Ressources

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