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This website provides information on environmental engineering and the environmental industry in Austria. For more details on the specific sectors of environmental technology see facts and figures via the coloured menu above. The data is updated continously.

With an increasing awareness for the environment as well as resources that become more expensive and scarcer, the demand for environmental technology rises. Environmental protection is a vital and growing market. Austrian companies are heavily involved in numerous fields of the environmental technology. Austria’s environmental technology industry is one of the world’s most innova- tive industries with a very good reputation. It is export intensive and grows rapidly, faster than the Austrian economy as a whole. This industry secures high-quality jobs and prosperity and cre- ates the technological base for an improved quality of life and environmental quality.

The economic importance of the Austrian environmental technology economy

The environmental technology economy is a vital substance of domestic national economy with a ben- eficial economic development and a firm anchoring in the domestic economic network. 1,012 industrial enterprises and 1,490 service providers with environmental technological activity create about 41,400 jobs. In 2015, the Austrian environmental technology industry directly generates a turnover of about 12.3 billion EUR.

The economic structures of production have the largest share. This group of undertakings gener- ates a turnover of 9.69 billion EUR and offers more than 31,000 jobs. Being considered over a long period of time, a contiuous upward trend can be seen for the environmental technology industry. Since 1993, the number of jobs has tripled and the turnover of environmental technological activities has grown 6.5 times. In addition, all other substantial economic indicators are positive in their devel- opment and even above average. Finally, the Austrian environmental technology industry holds a share of more than 3% of the GDP.

The stable corporate and industrial structure is an important reason for the positioning as a driver of growth.The environmental technology, linked to the environmental technology industry, stands for a heterogeneous setting of entrepreneurial activities consisting of electric motors, electricity generators and electric transformers, furthermore of electric elements, measurement, control and navigation devices; turbines, pumps, compressors, as well as burner or refrigerating and air handling products. This perfomance is achieved by large enterprises as well as small and medium-sized enterprises which are now highly cross-linked. Environmental technology service providers also show a diversified range of industries from recycling activities to project development, engineering and consulting, technical review and expertise, to research and development.

With strong linkages transcending company barriers, the environmental technology economy provides impetus in the extensive system of economic value added. The environmental technology industry with its high multiplier effects, spreading to other economic sectors (in particular intermediate services as well as effects on consumption and investment), creates more than 119,000 jobs in the overall economy and a turnover of 24.28 billion EUR. 


Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management 

Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economic

Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology