Water Management

Water management as an economic factor

Water management is the provision, treatment and distribution of water for various purposes, such as drinking water supply, irrigation or the use in industrial processes.

The utilization of rainwater and water analysis are also part of this technology sector.

The construction, operation and maintenance of the water supply infrastructure are covered by a vari4ety of domestic companies which provide innovative products and services. The redevelopment of existing water pipes and canals as well as water loss analyzes (leak detection) are among the activities of Austrian water technology companies.

Austrian water management companies generate annual sales of around 300 million euros. The majority of these work in water treatment, followed by water purification systems and drinking water supplies. Around 2,000 employees are working in the water management sector.

The Austrian water technology sector generates economic advantages through research co-operation (for example with universities) and technological innovations in order to be able to act as a first provider on the market.

For example, the domestic industry produces more patent applications (relative to all environmental technology patents) in the water and waste water sector than Germany or the entire EU. This illustrates the importance of this technology area.

Approximately 89% of the Austrian population is connected to municipal drinking water supplies. The necessary supply network has a length of approx. 70,000 km. Approximately 900,000 Austrians use their water supply from house wells.