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TiSUN has been developing, producing, and distributing complete systems for solar thermal energy for more than 25 years. The solar systems provide independent, inexhaustible, and free solar energy for heating support, water heating, process heating, and cooling. TiSUN is known to be a specialist in the solar thermal industry in Europe, and exports 83% of its products. The innovation-

and market leader has 71 employees at its headquarters in Tyrol/Austria and more than 70 direct and indirect sales representatives in Europe. Its products are sold in 48 countries all over the world, in the EU member states and associated countries, Switzerland, the former CIS countries, the USA, MENA, and India. All products meet the strict quality criteria of the Solar Keymark certificate.


Products & Services

TiSUN solar collectors 
Long service life is guaranteed thanks to the robust, heat- and weather-resistant construction, which has proven itself in the harsh climate of the Tyrolean mountains and beyond. Excellent insulating properties translate into low levels of heat loss. The mature technology used in these collectors achieves a particularly high degree of efficiency. Collectors can be installed on practically every type of roof thanks to customisable combinations of the attachment and flashing systems. All standard-specification collectors have the Solar Keymark certificate, which is valid throughout Europe, and some country-specific certificates.  

TiSUN solar cylinder systems
for hot water and heating are compatible with all common heating systems. Space-saving construction, simple installation, modern design and high efficiency make these the ideal

solution for sustainable energy saving. The individual needs of the user can be catered for thanks to the large range of cylinders and volumes. Every TiSUN tank comes with a five-year guarantee. 

TiSUN solar hot water and heating systems
Combining TiSUN collectors and solar cylinders is the ideal solution for large and small homes alike. The outstanding efficiency and effectiveness of TiSUN solar sets lies in the proprietary cylinder technology and carefully matched, high-performance components

TiSUN solar stations & control units 
Our controls are specially designed for TiSUN solar systems, easy to operate, ready for use and compatible with all heating systems. TiSUN presents different models for a wide range of applications from family homes to hotel installations to large scale systems. The solar controllers can be flexibly used for different solar and heating systems.


TISUN GmbH, Stockach 100, 6306 Söll, Österreich

Contact person: Antje Laass

+43 5333/201-0



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Field of activity: Green Energy

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